RELEASED: July 24, 2010
ARTIST: Ian Richmond
LABEL: harmonicdin
PRODUCER: Ian Richmond
CATALOGUE NUMBER: harmonicdin CD016
(the sound of) EVeRYDay ANGeLS
These tracks are inspired by the work of Alison Knox of .

I bumped in to Alison at an event she was attending and started talking about her work. The result was me asking whether I could compose music inspired by her words and pictures; a collaboration was born.

“Emerald Angel” is based on Alisons “Emerald Star Journey (#21)“,

“Angel of Light” was from the experience which changed her life,

“KYROS Time” based on a place and a story shared with me,

“Angel Heart” inspired by “Heart Flying Free (#38)” and the bonus track (one of my favorites it has to be said) where Alison adds insights by the spoken word.

track listing:

(1) Emerald Angel
(Star Journey)
(2) Angel of Light
(3) KYROS Time
(4) Angel Heart
bonus track:
(5) Angel Heart
(Let My Love Fly Free)
[feat Alison Knox]

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