DATE: May 12, 2019
TIME: 10:00 am
LOCATION: Manchester (M12 5WF)

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A Moment of Mass Mindfulness May 12, 2019 

At last ~ we can officially announce and celebrate the forthcoming “once in a lifetime” MOMM event at Gorton Monastery on SUNDAY 12th MAY 2019.

There is a whole smorgasbord of unique contributors who will be making this day beyond special.


“As a Keeper of Bees I feel the deep connection with their ecological purpose and as an artist I appreciate their creative genius ~ today we will be blessed with their spirit and their energy as we spend time to meditate together in their vibration as a collective consciousness” ~ 🐝 Alison

WOLFGANG BUTTRESS is an acclaimed and multi award winning artist, based in Nottingham, working nationally and internationally.

ALISON KNOX is the artist of Everyday Angels and has supported Wolfgang in her capacity as beekeeper, to deliver his extraordinary multisensory orchestral work ONE, a unique soundscape that features the sounds recorded from a hive of 50, 000 honeybees, performed by music ensemble BE. This exquisite dialogue between human and bee is brought to the Monastery today by Alison as a specially adapted meditation using “BLUE LULLABY”, a subsequent single released following the One album with vocals by Camille Christel. The music will be supported at the meditation with live crystal bowl playing by Ian Richmond and Janet Farnell and with John Hofton who will lead us in a final unified toning together to join with the bees in their natural tone of “C”. A never to be repeated sublimation of mind body and soul through the collaboration of humans and nature.

If you are ready to join us. . . follow the link to and register for a day beyond words.

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